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My name is Krzysztof Nodar Ciemnolonski and I’m a thirty-year-old nomad. I have Polish and Georgian origins. My great grandmother, Nino Tumanishvili, was Georgian and my family lives in Georgia now.

I grew up in Poland and all my childhood I listened to the Caucasus tales and finally in 2007 I went to Georgia.

I’ve been running my own company for 5 years. My travel agency specializes in organizing trips especially to the Caucasus, but also to a lot of different countries mainly those in the East – Balkans, Turkey, Central Asia, Far East, Orient and many more. In July 2014 I launched my blog about Georgia polakogruzin.pl (PolishGeorgian) in Polish and some of my articles were published in the Polish press and websites.

My new project, RebelAway, is based on the translations of my articles and new hot things, of course with a huge sense of absurd humor, passion and Georgian wine & chaos.

I read a lot, listen to alternative music (postpunk, coldwave, gothic rock, psychobilly) always with earsticks in my ears, write a lot, watch good TV series and do some male solo trips. I published in Poland two poetry books – in 2005 and 2011 and I’m currently working on a third one.

I live in Warsaw, Tbilisi and the surrounding areas. I’m always on the go.

Looking for the best trip to the Caucasus or just want to say hello? :)

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Gamarjoba! I'm Krzysztof Nodar Ciemnolonski, 30-years-old nomad addicted to music, books, travel and adventure. I live in Poland and Georgia and run my own company in the travel industry. I usually write about Caucasus, it's history, culture and alternative art but You will find here a lot of texts about other topics and places.


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