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My Name is Krzysztof Nodar Ciemnołoński, born in 1985 – I am PolishGeorgian.

I have both Polish and Georgian roots, hence the name PolishGeorgian. My second name – Nodar – was passed down to me from my Georgian uncle. My great grandmother Nino Tumanishvili was Georgian, and my father lived here, near the Azerbaijani border. This is also the birthplace of my lovely wife – Sophy. I have been connected to the Caucasus region by family roots going back many generations. Although I was born in Poland, Georgian tales were told to me since my earliest years. I reached the lands of my forefathers in 2017. Ever since then, I have been living between Poland and Georgia, and as of 2014 am now mostly based in Tbilisi, the Capital of Georgia.
My life revolves around Georgia, traveling across it, discovering its music, writing, culture and wines – in no particular order of importance.

Blog and vlog

I set up the PolakoGruzin.pl blog in 2014, and two years later launched my YouTube channel to share my passion for the Caucasus region with the world. On my blog and vlog I most often talk about my travels around Georgia, but there is the odd exception. I am interested in people, their lives and relationships, history, culture and new religious movements – both in the South and Northern regions of the Caucasus, as well as Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. I am interested in just about anything – except for painting, which I just don’t get. I have thus far created over 200 articles and films about Georgia, Caucasus and Post-Soviet regions. I have also published writing on the subject in the quarterly journal Zupełnie Inny Świat, e-magazine Ego, online and in print – most recently in the Georgian Journal.

Book and audiobook

I am the author of the book PolishGeorgian, which I published as a traditional paper book, in e-book format and an audiobook I recorded myself. GeorgianPole is Georgia with no messing about, from my perspective – an authentic magic Caucasus pearl enclosed within the pages of a book, something I penned after many years of learning all I could about this part of the world. It is no dry and dull travel book. Nor is it another superficial story about moving to a picturesque land, filled with endless legends. Most of all, it is a unique story presented in my own voice – the voice of your GeorgianPole – a journalistic record of my Georgian experiences, including useful pointers for all those wishing to visit Georgia, while also being a truly honest attempt to deal with Georgian stereotypes.

What will readers find between the covers of GeorgianPole? For lovers of Caucasus endless roads and natural landscapes, I offer:

  • incredible views and undiscovered locations,
  • wine on tap added to a magical atmosphere,
  • incredible adventures and authentic emotions,
  • Georgian secrets and thrilling real-life anecdotes,
  • unique items of Caucasus histories, culture and traditions,
  • practical travel advice and tips,
  • evidence to prove that the pearl of the Caucasus still has many fascinating secrets to reveal!


I am a passionate, certified wine expert – I have completed WSET 1, the most important winery course in the world, and am currently preparing for WSET 2. I am regularly in attendance at various winemaking industry events, and any time I am not traveling, I can usually be found in one of the local wineries. This passion of mine has in Georgia, the oldest winemaking region in the world (entered onto the UNESCO World Heritage Site list), a particularly special character. Here in the Caucasus we say that every man ought to have his own vineyard. I dreamt of having mine for a long, long time – now, it is real! I am now the proud owner of the Nodari Wine brand. Soon, in my family region of Kakheti, I will open another winery I will be glad to invite you to! Those who are thirsty for more, please contact me at any time.

Music and Poetry

In one of my former lives, I was a music critic and DJ. At present, I lack the time to devote myself to music as much as I might wish, but I still listen to it passionately. I like post-punk, psychobilly, alternative sounds. In what free time I have, I like watching good movies. I read a great deal, and write even more. Apart from journalism, I have published two volumes of poetry: przebicia (2005) and eskalacje (2011), and am at present at work on a third. My poems have been published in a range of journals (Zeszyty Poetyckie, Noc Poetów, Gazeta Wyborcza, LiteRacje, Pro Arte, Lampa, Portret, Odra, Wakat, Kwartalnik Literacki Kresy, Arterie).


Tourism is my profession and trade – I am the owner of Tamada Tour, where I work as a tour organizer and guide in:

  • Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan),
  • Central and Southeast Asia,
  • Russia and Eastern Europe.

Are you in the mood for an adventure? Regardless of whether you are a typical backpacker, looking for ready tested ways of exploring Georgia on a budget, or whether you are looking to organize a group outing – private or corporate – you can always count on me to deliver the goods…

Travel encounters

In recent years, I had the pleasure of giving numerous interviews on the subject of Georgia and the Caucasus region. I was a guest on TVP Bydgoszcz, TVN Biznes i Świat, as well a Georgia’s most popular chat show – Nanuka’s Show – where I talked about many things, including my article titled Sex In Georgia. I often meet others who are passionate about the Caucasus region and people fascinated with Georgia at tourist trade events, lectures and various public events. So far, over 3500 people have attended events I have spoken at in Poland! If you would like me to come to your town, club, culture center, your school or company or your media outlet – get in touch!

I Was Here

The Magic of Georgia as seen through the eyes of PolishGeorgian

Ever since 2014, I have been helping people discover the wonderful world of Georgia and her tourist trails. I am constantly traveling myself, discovering remarkable new places, some well known, and some unlisted in guidebooks, reports, journalism. Georgia constantly teaches us humility, showing how little we know about it, that much here can still surprise, even the locals. I am constantly driven to get past touristy trails in order to reach deeper into the true magic that is Georgia – the essence of a land which is famed for its hospitality, unique traditions, picturesque vistas, fantastic heritage sites, delicious foods, organic wines and life lived so very differently to the one known to the residents of other parts of Europe and Asia.

I find it very important to be able to present an honest and accurate picture of the Georgia I myself find here. This beautiful country has in fact many stereotypes assigned to it, along with legends which are often far from true. I know it is not possible to really learn all truths about the Caucasus following a short stay here, which is why I really delight in living here permanently. Each day spent under Georgian skies is for me a lesson, inspiring me to talk about this land in ever more interesting and engaging ways – covering current affairs, intriguing anecdotes and reflections which might escape public attention.

I talk, write and film Georgia with the utmost respect for local natural environments, as well as native cultures and histories. I try to overturn certain misunderstandings, arising from inaccurate perceptions of local customs and living conditions. I mention places, persons, events and customs which over many years might change and be forgotten. Overall – I try to help others to discover Georgia for themselves, to discover the authentic pace of life here. I advise, suggest, showing where to journey best, where to discover the pearls of the Caucasus, where to see things worthy of our attention, the incredible and the wondrous, allowing us to experience many life-changing adventures.

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Do you have any questions, suggestions or ideas? Do you want to explore Georgia along with me or invite me on your own expedition?

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