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My name is Krzysztof Nodar Ciemnołoński.

My origins are both Polish and Georgian. I have been living in Georgia, the land of my forefathers, since 2014. My life revolves around the Caucasus region, involving journeys, music, writing, culture and wine – not necessarily in that order. My blog is mainly focused on Georgia – its life, heritage, history and culture, including a range of reflections upon numerous other topics. I am a professional guide and tour operator in the Caucasus, Asia, Russia and post-Soviet regions.

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Georgia without kidding

What is this thing they called the Georgia Syndrome and why do so many people keep talking about Georgia long after their visit here has ended? Is Georgia really this lushly green, or is it Photoshop? Do cows really walk down local highways and do the locals really party hearty any day of the week or weekend? Amazing aspects of Georgian culture, wondrous vistas, rivers of wine and many other adventures are only the beginning of what I think of as my Georgian history.


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Nodari Wine and Vinery

In Georgia, we say that every man ought to have his own vineyard and make his own wines, in order to be able to toast joyful moments, his homeland and friendships. I dreamt of having just such a vineyard for many years. Finally – I did it! I became the founder of Nodari Wine, a brand which allows me to make my dreams of Nodari wines come true. Come visit, feel at home, let us toast life together!

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