Nodari Vineyard and Wines

The Taste of Your Life in Each and Every Drop


In Georgia we have a saying that each and every man ought to have his own vineyard and make his own wines, in order to be able to toast joyful moments, his homeland and friendships. I dreamt of having just such a vineyard for many years. Finally – I did it! I became the founder of Nodari Wine, a brand which allows me to make my dreams of Nodari wines come true. Come visit, feel at home, let us toast life together!  

Chasing a winemaking dream…

…down wild Georgian landscapes.

Driven by a Hunger for Adventure

My powerful passion for wine-making allowed me to take a dream and turn it into reality – by setting up my own winery. Plans were varied, and the road to achieving the dream far from straight. Sometimes I followed maps, sometimes I walked wherever my feet would carry me. At first, I came across an old, stone winery, surrounded by a grapevine orchard. And yet it demanded huge reserves of time, effort and funds in order to restore those ancient walls and breathe new life into them…

Passionate about traditions

Having given it a lot of thought, during many lengthy walks, I finally discovered an unspoiled and unused scrap of land in my native region of Kakheti – remarkably beautiful and bountiful, its expanse allowing my imagination to flourish. My heart beat ever faster, thoughts racing through my mind. This was the place! My instincts had once again led me to the right place.

Passionate about creativity

I bought some land and rolled my sleeves up. Producing Georgian wines has taught me true love of nature and patience on the way to achieving the best possible flavors, containing the inimitable essence of existence and creativity. With equal patience and love I am now building my Nodari winery. Paper sketches are taking on more and more real shapes. Work will take some time, but with each stone, each brick – I am getting nearer.

Out of Love for Georgia

Nodari Wines and the winery they are produced at not only fulfill my personal dreams, making real certain fantasies and ambitions. It is also my contribution to maintaining the heritage and cultural identity of my ancient homeland – Georgia. In 2013, the traditional Georgian technique of making wine was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO). This is a national treasure now recognized as having international importance, demanding a specific sort of care and consideration.

Out of Respect for People

In creating Nodari Winery, I was also thinking of my social and civic responsibility for the unique character of Georgian culture, for the local environment and the people who live there. I wish this to be a place of work which benefits the local community, who have never had it easy in life. I also intend to provide the facility for sustaining and promoting traditional winemaking traditions which for centuries have been attracting wine lovers from all over the world.

Nodari Winery

Nodari Winery will be an attractive location for all those wishing to experience the soulful character of Georgia and her traditions. In 2020, you will have the opportunity of visiting and discovering local winemaking traditions, tasting the drink of the gods we call Nodari Wine, spending a wonderful time in the magical atmosphere we are crafting especially with visitors in mind! For the time being, you can chart my progress – from the moment I laid the cornerstone at the start of construction, all the way to the official opening of our winery.

Tours of vineyards

Wine tasting bar

Marani wine cellar

Nodari Wine

Meanwhile, we have been producing Nodari Wines for some years now – in my friend’s wine cellar, for he is a remarkable winemaker, a place I will soon be leaving in order to finally move into my own winery. Nodari Wines are dry white and red varieties, made of rkatsiteli, saperavi, mtsvane, kisi and tsitska grape strains. Nodari wines are made of ecologically grown grapes from a vineyard in Kakheti and are stored in kwewrki clay vessels – using traditional Georgian methods, unique in the world, included in the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Nodari wines can only be found and enjoyed in Georgia, especially so during trips organized by yours truly.

Wine Tales

Both Polish and Georgian blood flows through my veins, and with it – a great love of wine. I make wine, drink it, write about it – your health!!!