Exploring Georgia

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Georgia (საქართველო, pronounced Sakartvelo – the name literally means “the land of the Kartles”) lies on the borders between Europe and Asia, on the Southern Caucasus belt. For eons, these lands have been shrouded in legend – becoming a destination for travelers from all over the globe, keen to experience the unique wonders Georgia has on offer. What lies behind it? I think this magic comes from a blend of highland and marine landscapes, the incredible generosity of its native folk, its remarkable histories, delicious cuisine, lush natural environment and numerous sites of historical importance – all adding up to 1500 years of local culture, tradition and unique ways of living.

One can feel this magic with every kilometer of winding Caucasus serpentine roads that we trek along. But Georgia is not all the same everywhere you go – in each of its nine regions we will reach different plateaus, viewing different landscapes, having all sorts of adventures and discovering a range of varied flavors. Everywhere we go, we will meet interesting people, seeing all sorts of interesting places, tracking great trails – those well known and those yet to be discovered – known often only to the locals and therefore free of crowds of slow-going tourists.

In order to help you discover various corners of Georgia – the famous trails, as well as the ones guidebooks gloss over – I have prepared a set of tips, based on my own experiences, enhanced by many photos and films. See what Georgia has to offer and what you may wish to visit there!

Touring Tbilisi

What should you see when visiting Georgia’s capital city – Tbilisi?

Touring Kakheti

What should you see when visiting Signagi, Kvareli, Gremi, Napareuli and the surrounding lands, home to Georgia’s wine production tradition?

Touring Mtskheta-Mtianeti

What should you see when visiting Mtskheta, Kazbegi and all around? How best to see the famous Georgian Military Road?

Touring Samtskhe-Javakheti

What should you see when visiting Borjomi, Wardzi, Achalciche and all around?

Touring Imeretii

What should you see when visiting Kutaisi, Gelati, Chiatura and the rest of the Imeretii region, meaning in the former Caucasian Kolchi?

Touring Kartli

What should you see when visiting Lower Kartli (Kwemo Kartli) and Interior Kartli (Shida Kartli)?

Touring Megreli and Upper Svaneti

What should you see when visiting Mesti, Uszguli and the region?

Touring Racha-Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti

What should you see when visiting Oni, Ambrolauri, Nikorcmindza and the rest of what is known as Georgia’s Switzerland?

Touring Adjara and Guria

What should you see when visiting Batumi, Kobuleti, Ureki and all around?

Accommodation in Georgia

Where best to find accommodation in Georgia?

Georgian culture, life and customs

What should you know about Georgian culture, life and customs according to the locals?

Georgian history

What should you know about Georgia’s present and past?

Georgian impressions

Fleeting moments of Georgian life and reality…

I began my journey in Georgia and this was a mistake. Georgia ought to be the end point, and not the start. Everything here gives one the impression of having reached a safe harbor – everything, the weather, the views, the customs – encourages visitors to sit in the shade, sip some wine, breathe deeply and think: this place is rather nice. What a beautiful country, Georgia.

Ryszard Kapuściński – The Kirghiz Dismounts (Kirgiz schodzi z konia – 1968)